UNYAP Newsletter #19: February

UNYAP Newsletter #19: February
Volume 19

Welcome to the February edition of UNYAP's monthly newsletter!

Alumni Office Hop - Oyu Tolgoi LLC

UNYAP had the opportunity to visit the head office of Oyu Tolgoi LLC, the workplace of several UNYAP alumni!

Oyu Tolgoi LLC is a leading Mongolian mining company co-owned by the Government of Mongolia and Rio Tinto. Known for its commitment to transforming natural wealth into lasting value and knowledge for Mongolia's people, Oyu Tolgoi also prioritizes sustainability across its operations. Our visit allowed us to learn more about the sophisticated technology and strategies, from mining and refining copper underground all the way to global marketing and sales.

We extend our gratitude to UNYAP alum M.Zorigt, now a communications officer at Oyu Tolgoi, for hosting us, and to Ms. B.Uuganbayar for her thorough overview of the company's sustainability efforts and projects.

ASU Visits the UN House

Recently, UNYAP had the wonderful chance to host students from the American School of Ulaanbaatar (ASU) at the United Nations House in Mongolia!

Along with the UN Mongolia, UNYAP took part in enlightening ASU’s Advanced Placement Human Geography class and the Model UN members about the UN and its works in Mongolia. Tapan Mishra, the UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia, inspired the students to champion the SDGs. UNYAP highlighted the important role young people play in shaping a better future.

UNYAP is grateful to have taken part in educating these enthusiastic students about the UN and the path toward a better future.

UNYAP, UN Mongolia, and Olonlog School Host National Debate Tournament

UNYAP, in collaboration with the UN Mongolia Resident Coordinator’s Office, organized a National Debate Tournament initiated by Olonlog Tuv School!

Under the theme “Youth Solutions,” this engaging debate competition brought together 24 teams from 22 high schools across Ulaanbaatar and neighboring areas. The bright young scholars passionately engaged in debate and presented innovative ideas within the crucial context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) all in English.

Alongside the tournament, UNYAP provided an opportunity for scholars to express their views. We organized our signature “Sustainable Future” discussion series to explore the reason behind the outmigration of Mongolian youth and the conditions that might encourage Mongolian citizens abroad to return.

Participants highlighted the shortcomings of current society, proposed multifaceted solutions, and emphasized the importance of their efforts in creating change.

The opinions, initiatives, and proposals that generated from these discussions gave UNYAP to further amplify the voices of youth in Mongolia once again. These results are being prepared for presentation to the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM).

IOM and UNYAP on Furthering Mongolian Youth Diaspora Research

UNYAP and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Mongolia collaborated on an open discussion engaging Mongolian youth living abroad!

The online session aimed to explore the reasons behind the growing pattern of young Mongolians seeking opportunities abroad. As our ongoing commitment to further research on migration trends, this insightful discussion served as a dynamic platform for Mongolian youth to share their experiences, hopes, and the challenges. UNYAP is grateful for this collaboration with IOM Mongolia, as it has been a significant step in gathering insights to shape future strategies addressing youth migration.

UNYAP Member G.Anu Joins the Young People’s Action Team

UNYAP is thrilled to announce that our member, G.Anu, has been selected as a member of the second cohort of the Young People’s Action Team (YPAT), an initiative by UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office!

YPAT engages young advocates to work on critical issues like climate action and education, fostering their development and ensuring their voices contribute to a decision-making scale. In this cohort, 46 leaders from 14 countries were selected to collaborate on meaningful projects.

We are incredibly proud of G.Anu for championing UNYAP’s mission and striving towards a better future! This remarkable accomplishment underscores the role of youth in shaping our world and UNYAP’s ongoing commitment to youth empowerment.

UNYAP at UNDP Mongolia's First Civil Society Advisory Committee Meeting of 2024

UNYAP took part in the first Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) meeting in 2024, hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Mongolia! This initiative brings together a diverse group of organizations to discuss collaboration, advocacy priorities, and the main themes for the year. 

The CSAC, founded in 2023, is a platform for dialogue between UNDP and civil society, aiming to influence policy development, promote civic engagement, and advocate on key issues. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this meaningful endeavor and look forward to making a positive impact alongside our partners.

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