UNYAP Newsletter #16: November

UNYAP Newsletter #16: November
UNYAP members attending the Seventh Asian and Pacific Population Conference
Volume 16

Welcome to the November issue of UNYAP’s monthly newsletter!

Let’s explore the triumphs and milestones of this month.

The Seventh Asian and Pacific Population Conference

Two of our members, Coordinator B. Naranzaya and B. Khaliut, attended the Seventh Asian and Pacific Population Conference in Bangkok, Thailand!

The conference was organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UN ESCAP) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Asia and the Pacific. The conference is a necessary part of the UN ESCAP and happens every decade.

Naranzaya and Khaliut represented UNYAP and Mongolian youth in discussions that focused on the relationship between population and development. They spoke on behalf of Mongolia on the ways climate change, conflicts, and the recent pandemic have intensified inequalities, giving meaningful input into the launch of collective action through the conference. We are proud of Naranzaya and Khaliut for having engaged in a conference with a focus on placing people at the center of sustainable development. 

Ms. Stem Program – Empowering Young Women in STEM

The United Nations Youth Advisory Panel co-facilitated Ms. Stem, a 6-week long intensive program to empower young women in high school and those currently on gap years pursuing fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)!

The program consisted of a series of educational and collaborative skills-training activities as well as female guest speakers who shared their expertise to the young attendees. The brilliant young women learned various information from mechanical engineering and nano-science to gender equality and female leadership, and immersed themselves with creativity-building activities.

To top off the Ms. Stem program, a science fair was held where attendees could show off their creativity and inclusion to sustainable development. We are ever so proud of A. Anu-Ujin for founding the program, and grateful for the United Nations Mongolia, Newcom Group, the United Nations Association (UNA) of Mongolia as well as the many volunteers for making this program that inspired girls passionate in STEM and breaking gender stereotypes.

2024 Regional Human Development Report

Our Secretary General, L. Tsog-Erdene, participated as a panelist in the 2024 Regional Human Development Report presented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)!

The report was named Making Our Future: New Directions for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific and Tsog-Erdene spoke on behalf of the youth of Mongolia. In his speech, he gave insight into the progress of human development and youth engagement at decision-making levels. Tsog-Erdene also gave suggestions to solve the digital divide of job opportunities in Mongolia and also in the Asia-Pacific region.

We stand proud that our Secretary General Tsog-Erdene represented UNYAP in a meeting to further human development and growth strategies and make the necessary changes happen.

Return and Reintegration Research Competition by IOM

Our member, O. Tsenguun, won a competition that promoted research and investigation into a rather underexplored topic – Mongolia’s migration outflow. the recent high numbers of outmigration of Mongolians.

Titled the Return and Reintegration Research Competition, it was organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the School of International Relations and Public Administration of the National University of Mongolia.

Tsenguun and colleagues delve into the roots and causes for the growing diaspora of Mongolia, pioneering research and analysis into the subject. In the end, his paper was showcased during the event and he won first place. We believe that Tsenguun’s role opened up new opportunities for research on this topic and that his contributions have laid a foundation for a valuable area of study.

All for Youth, Youth for All

Our member, Ts. Boditsetseg, participated as a panelist in the closing event for the All for Youth, Youth for All project.

The project aimed to empower youth and youth NGOs, increase youth inclusivity in the society and volunteer work, and to support youth employment. Boditsetseg spoke about her own history and successes, inspiring attending youths and finishing the project off strongly.

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter!